Design for Manufacturing

Performance and quality starts in the design phase.

Allow us to help you design your product, and we will ensure optimal performance that is ready for manufacturing.

While we're at it, we can help make sure it's good for our planet!

Process Improvement

Ready to optimize your processes?

With experience in lean process improvement, we can help you understand how your processes flow and the impact your processes have on your bottom line.

Once we have a baseline measure, we can plan and execute a strategy for long-lasting improvements.

Functional Design

Does your product meet the requirements for all of its users?

We can help ensure that your design performs optimally in every situation it will encounter.

3D Printing & Prototyping

Ready to bring your design to life?

Before jumping into manufacturing, get a feel for its form and function by 3D printing your model. With recent advances in 3D printing, nearly any material is possible.

We can help get your idea in hand in no time!

Materials Selection, Design, & Optimization

Demanding applications require careful materials selection.

Imagine your design lighter, faster, and tougher!

Our specialty is in high-performance composites which can be tailored for the individual application, while reducing the overall weight and material usage.

Education & Training

Exposing and empowering people to find a career they love benefits everyone.

Training & education in manufacturing and skilled trades will help ensure an exceptional labor force for years to come.